This place underpromises and overdelivers. This is a great place to visit as you can enjoy it rain or shine. I was concerned that my 12 year old would be bored by doing this activity as he thought it was for “little kids.” Once we got started, all four of us in the group were having a blast (including my parents, myself, and my son). We purchased the 5 gallon bucket of rocks and it took us about 45 minutes to mine all of our gems. (we had 2-3 of us working at any given time). Once all of our gems were collected we met with a sorter and he helped us identify what we had found and showed us what each of them was used for.

The staff were incredibly friendly and so knowledgeable. You have the option to have your gems cut and polished for a cost which we did for a couple of them. With the purchase of the 5 gallon pail we got one gem of a certain type cut and polished for free.

There is a great gift shop here as well which we found several items in to take home with us.

I cannot recommend this place enough. Do not pass it by!


We have a five year old and a soon to be three year old and they loved it. We purchased a $30 bucket which kept them entertained for at least half an hour. The staff was great in helping to identify the gems we found.


We live locally and never thought to try it. Thought it was too touristy. Finally we did try it and purchased a small bucket. To our surprise we found some interesting gems and had a bracelet made for my wife which she loves. Great place, knowledgeable staff, very friendly. Would recommend.

Jerry Bianchi

My family came from out of state to visit me in Boone and this was the #1 requested activity during their visit. We had a great time and found some wonderful gems. I went back several weeks later and had some gems made into jewelry for gifts for those who mined the gems with me. Would highly recommend this!

Brianne Corsi

Really enjoyed our family Memorial Day Weekend trip to Foggy Mountain Gem Mine. Staff was very friendly (particularly to be working a holiday weekend!) and we found a nice mix of gems and stones. Kaleigh was super informative and knowledgeable in telling us about what we had found, indulging our (well, mostly my) many questions. Although we ended up purchasing a couple pieces of jewelry, I didn’t feel any pressure to do so. We have tried out several gem mines in western NC, and I can say I definitely recommend this one!

Cat Hunter

Such a wonderful time!! My 3 kids ( 11, 11, 15) LOVED it- and walked away with some amazing finds. They split the middle sized 5lb bucket. The employees were so nice and helpful and were genuinely excited to help us. We got several semiprecious and mineral finds cut and polished, and had 2 precious stones put into a ring for my mom.

Veronica Mumm