Yes. We only have genuine stones in our buckets.

We get our buckets of ore mix from some of the best mines in the world.

Some types of gemstones found in our buckets include emeralds, rubies, sapphires, garnet, amethyst and citrines. Who knows what you may find?

Yes, we seed our buckets to ensure you find jewelry quality gems!

Unfortunately not, there are many beautiful gems in our buckets though!

We have several size buckets so you can choose the appropriate size bucket for your group and budget. There is a mixture of sand, gravel and gemstones in the buckets, premade for you! As the buckets increase in size, they also increase in size and number of gemstones included in it. We have a 2-gallon bucket for $40, a 5-gallon bucket for $80, an 11-gallon bucket for $145 and a 33-gallon wheelbarrow for $375.