Come and satisfy your craving for a gem mine adventure!

Foggy Mountain Gem Mine Boone North Carolina

Foggy Mountain Gem Mine has been family owned and operated for generations. We are located in the mountain community of Boone, which is in the beautiful High Country of North Carolina. We are the choice Gem Mine in our area because of the experience that is offered our guests by our knowledgeable staff, and because we offer buckets of the finest gem ore from the best gem mines in the world.

You are invited to come and satisfy your craving for a gem mine adventure and experience the thrill of discovery as you pan for gems. Just like miners from the old days, you will sift through dirt and rock using water flumes to find your treasures in the safety and comfort of our year round location on Hwy 105 and Hwy 321 in Boone. Regardless of the weather, you can search for gems since we have both outside and inside flumes.

Each bucket of our gem stone mix contains genuine rough gems. We guarantee a gem find every time. Our experienced staff will explain the various sizes of buckets available and show you how to search for gems using sifters and water flumes. Your mission is to sift, discover and then identify the gem stones. We will help you sort and identify what you find and can take your order to cut and polish your gem finds and make them into jewelry.

We offer a great mining adventure for families and groups of all sizes and ages. The experience of discovering gems and minerals in our bucket is both fun and educational. We also showcase a great selection of retail items where you are sure to find something for everyone. When you are not in the area you can visit our online store to purchase jewelry and other retail items.