Our Buckets

Gem mining at Foggy Mountain Gem Mine is a unique and truly rewarding experience.

We specialize in providing the finest rough gemstone ore from around the world to ensure that you will be delighted with the quantity and quality of the stones in the bucket of your choice.

Our experienced staff will help you choose from several different size buckets and explain how to use our custom designed water filled flumes to search for gems. They will also assist you to help identify what you find. Families enjoy the opportunity to learn about precious gemstones, where those stones are found in the world and how we specialize in turning the stones into gems to be treasured for a lifetime.

Our choice of buckets allows you to find the appropriate size bucket for your group size and budget. For an affordable, fun and educational adventure for all ages, be sure to visit us at our Boone location during your next trip to the North Carolina High Country.

The Finest in Colored Gemstones from Around the World

Gem Bucket Sizes and Pricing

Rockhound-2 gallon bucket – $40.00
Big Daddy-5 gallon bucket – $80.00
Motherlode-11 gallon pail – $145.00
Wheelbarrow-33 gallons – $375.00

Family Gem Mining Adventure