Gem Mining

Our buckets are pre-filled with a random mixture of gemstone rough, rocks and dirt. Every bucket is guaranteed to include several great rough gemstones. Bigger buckets not only have more volume than a price equivelant amount of smaller buckets (eg. 1 Rockhound bucket versus 2 Junior Gemologist buckets), they have larger and better rough gemstones in them. We recommend that larger groups share a single large bucket rather than buying several smaller buckets for each individual miner.

Once you purchase the bucket of your choice, one of our friendly staff members will set you up at our flume-line with all of the materials and instruction that you need to find all of your precious gemstones. Once you finish gem mining, we'll sort through your gemstones and identify them for you. Our helpful sorters will help you decide which stones to have cut and set into jewelry. Having rough gemstones cut and set into jewelry costs next to nothing compared with the prices you will find in traditional jewelry stores.

We're open for gem mining year-round, except for on the major holidays and Tuesdays in the colder months. During the cold-weather season (November 30th-May 24th) we offer indoor gem mining. For groups of 10 or more, call us 24 hours in advance to schedule your visit.

Regardless of which bucket you decide to mine through, you are guaranteed to have a blast! Come and see us today, we'll be the highlight of your vacation!

Bucket Pricing

Junior Gemologist
Big Daddy
1 Gallon
2 Gallon
5 Gallon

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